Minimize Environmental Impact

Our activities by their nature impact ecosystems. Limiting their environmental footprint is therefore a major challenge.

Adapting to climate change

Apa Water cannot control global warming or the rising number of extreme climate events such as floods and droughts. Instead, we deploy solutions to help us adapt to the climate changes they entail, by managing water resources and related activities in a nature-friendly way.

Meeting the energy challenge

Our activities do not generate large amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. On the other hand, the sophisticated treatments required to counter worsening pollution and meet higher quality standards is making water treatment more energy-intensive. Against that backdrop, Apa Water is working on:

Energy optimization of facilities, including desalination plants: measures involving pumping, optimized aeration of wastewater tanks and energy recovery.
Renewable energy production: by recovering landfill gas from treatment sludge digestion, capturing water's energy potential through the use of microturbines or pressure exchange and installing heat pumps, for example.

Helping to reduce GHGs

Curbing carbon emissions is becoming a real concern of businesses, which are increasingly demanding green technologies. Apa Water has the expertise to produce carbon budgets for the operational services provided under our contracts.

Protecting biodiversity

Apa Water meets the challenge of protecting ecosystems every day by taking biodiversity into account in our operations. To do that we offer a complete range of services, from establishing aquatic environment eco-monitoring networks to land management measures and ecosystem sensitivity analyses.