Kholapur, Wastewater Treatment Plant, India

Client: M/s. Vishwa Infrastructures and Services Pvt. Ltd., India
Location: India
Start Up: June 2013
Capacity: 76,000 m3/day – SBR based Sewage Treatment Plant.


M/s. Vishwa Infrastructure is putting a 76,000 m3/day SBR based municipal sewage treatment plant for M/s. Kholapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) & CRISIL, India and the plant is expected to start up by June 2013.
M/s. Vishwa inducted us to take responsibility on the following scope of works on this prestigious project. Design, Engineering, Procurement assistance, Construction supervision, supervision of Installation, Commissioning and Testing of 76,000 m3/day – SBR based Sewage Treatment Plant.

Technology Specifications:

Pre-treatment: Coarse & Fine Screening, Degritting, Scum/O&G skimmer
Biological treatment: SBR – Cyclic Activated Sludge System (C.Tech Technology)
In built co current nitrification, de nitrification and bio – phosphorous removal
Chlorination System
Sludge treatment:
- Sludge thickener
- Mechanical Dewatering by Centrifuge
Automatic, computer controlled, Internet connectivity PLC/SCADA system
Nominal power consumption 11 KV RMU, 1000 KVA Transformer and DG 650 KVA S