Perungudi, Wastewater Treatment Plant, India

Client: M/s. Vishwa Infrastructures and Services Pvt. Ltd., India
Location: India
Start Up: December 2011
Capacity: 60,000 m3/day Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant.


M/s. Vishwa Infrastructure is putting a 60,000 m3/day conventional municipal sewage treatment plant for M/s. Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (CMWSSB), India and the plant is expected to start up by December 2011.
M/s. Vishwa inducted us to take responsibility on the following scope of works on this prestigious project. Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Supply of Process equipments, Construction supervision, supervision of Installation, Commissioning and Testing of 60,000 m3/day – Sewage Treatment Plant.

Technology Specifications:

Pre-treatment: Coarse & Fine Screening, Degritting, Scum/O&G skimmer, Primary Clarification.
Biological treatment: Fine bubble aeration system and Secondary clarification.
Chlorination System
Gas holder
Digestion system
Energy recovery by bio-gas.
Sludge treatment:
- Sludge thickener
- Mechanical Dewatering by Centrifuge
Automatic, computer controlled, Internet connectivity PLC/SCADA system
Treated sewage pumping system.