Product Water Resource

Alongside our water production activity, Apa Water also protects water resources by treating wastewater and limiting the risk of pollution.

Treat wastewater

Whether you live in a developed or a developing country, access to wastewater services is a major public health and sustainable development issue. For our public authority and industrial clients, Apa Water collects and treats wastewater prior to recycling or release into the natural environment. In this way, we protect water resources and, by limiting its environmental impact, improve quality of life.

Limit the risk of pollution

As a manager of water cycles, it is also Apa Water's task to limit the risk of chronic or accidental pollution of the natural environment. Through our activity, we help protect the supply zones around underground catchment areas, in particular to combat dispersed agricultural pollution. We also help prevent accidental pollution by developing and implementing solutions that avoid discharge into aquifers and manage the risk of pollution from storm water systems in the event of overflows during periods of heavy rain.