QES System

Quality Policy

Apa Heuristics deliver total commitment to Customer Satisfaction, ensure customers’ needs and support with solutions and services that always above customer’s expectations
Apa Heuristics implements this mission by defining an efficient and effective quality Management system in accordance with ISO 9001standards, understood and practiced by all
Apa Heuristics believes in the empowerment of its employees to drive continuous improvement based on data driven decisions and measuring progress
Apa Heuristics expects its Partner-Suppliers to be equally committed to total quality and customer satisfaction

Environmental Policy

Apa Heuristics is totally committed to the protection and conservation of the environment. To fulfill these commitments Apa Heuristics shall implement and maintain an Environmental Management system designed to consistently
Prevent Pollution and reduce the impact of its operations through efficient use of material resources and energy
Prohibit the use of restricted and Hazardous substances in its manufacturing process
Establish environmental objectives and targets for the continual improvement of its environmental performance
Strive to comply with relevant Legal and other requirements to which Apa Heuristics subscribe
Develop the environmental responsibility across all levels of the organization, through awareness and training Programmes
Promote environmental awareness and improvement throughout the supply chain

Safety Policy

Apa Heuristics commits itself for establishing and implementing all Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance and servicing processes that will recognize Occupational health & Safety and achieve a work environment free form injuries and ill health.
We will achieve this by
1. Complying with applicable legal and other requirements
2. Building health and safety in all processes
3. Encouraging and Training Employees for safe Behavior